mercoledì 13 gennaio 2010

yes....i'm a fan of Sex and city.

After a marathon of Sex and the city (i saw all the episodes and the movie in a few weeks!!!)...i know i'm a little bit late...but finally i definitely can say that i'm a Sex and the city addicted!!!
So waiting for the second movie i decided to start reading the book by Candace Bushnell...the TV series is a little bit different from the book but in every chapter you can recognize the inspiration for an episode.
I like the way Candace Bushnell describes love and relationships: i think she has given to us the best and the worst of the life in the city...and it seems a reality so far from mine...

..."Relationships in New York are about detachement," she said. "But how do you get attached when you decided you want to?". Honey you leave town. (pag.3)

NYC fascinates me and i hope i will visit this amazing city soon!!!
But now i can only wait for the movie...


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