martedì 5 gennaio 2010

Small hankies falling down from the sky

The snow don't stop falling down and i can't go out because in my town it's not so common having so much snow...but this is perfect for staying at home and having a rest...reading a book and listening to music...
Now i'm reading a Taschen book, 100 contemporary fashion designers!!! It's full of great photos of the best designers' creations, with interviews and a little part of every designer's life. I like it because it's focused on the designers first, the brand secondly.

I wanna write a little passage of Vivienne Westwood's interview:
" And so people are being trained by the media to be perfect consumers of mass-manufactured rubbish. The people who wear this stuff have bought the system, and their appearance demonstrates the fact that their brains have been removed. I think it's important to make great clothes so that people can look individual, and not a product of mass advertising."
I totally agree with her.
Speaking about Vivienne Westwood i need to mention Sex Pistols: so here a video of "God save the queen". Enjoy it!


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Lovely blog!

giuli ha detto...

Thank you so much!!!! :)

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