lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

A vintage tour

Hi guys!!!
I have recently made a sort of vintage tour in Bologna and i want to show you what i bought.

I found this dress at Lamù Vintage. Here the web site:
You can find Lamù in a open air market in Bologna called La Montagnola.
There were a lot of great dresses like this and they also have a lot of sunglasses... probably i will return for buying a pair of them!!!

I bought this great bag in a stall in front of Lamù. There were a thousand of bags all in good condition!!!

I found another great shop called Balevin: it's a little bit more expensive but you can find the best brands (Chanel, Gucci,...)and there were fantastic bags and shoes!!!
If you come to Bologna and you love Vintage you have to go there!!!

As always i choose a song for matching the outfit: LALALA - Anni B Sweet


6 commenti:

Clara ha detto...

i love your clothes.
your blog is great.

giuli ha detto...

Thank you Clara!!! :)

Kennedy ha detto...

such good choicecs! i wish there was an open air market for clothes and things here in boston!

[ Nanx ] ha detto...

pretty skirt
and lovely song

Wendy ha detto...

The snakeskin purse is exquisite.

giuli ha detto...

Thank you girls for the nice comments!!! :)

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