domenica 10 gennaio 2010

Pearls are the girls' best friend.

A few days without new posts...a few days with a lot of things to do!!!
I'm searching for a job and it's not easy!!!
Yesterday night i went out with my friends for eat something and i looked like this.

skirt: Zara
cardigan: H&M
vest: Petit Bateau
ballet shoe: H&M

I decided to match a song with every outfit. I think that this outfit is perfect with: Cigarettes - Russian Red.


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Kennedy ha detto...

you are so beautiful! and i love black ballet flat shoes, i wear them everyday in summer! thanks for your sweet comment and ps: i really like your blog too

April ha detto...

I like that blue skirt!

The Owl Diary ha detto...

the best, best of luck finding a job!
& i love your skirt.

giuli ha detto...

Thank you girls!!!!your comments make me feel very happy!!! :)

G&M ha detto...

great seeing someone pull off white tights!

giuli ha detto...

It was the first time i wore white tights...i think it was a good choice!!! :)

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