venerdì 2 aprile 2010

You are the best that i ever had...

Stripes and trench...too early for wearing trench but i can smell spring in the air...By the way Happy Easter to everyone! Have a wonderful day!

Trench: Bought in an open-air market
Dress: Max & Co
Jeans: Bershka
Shoes: H&M

And i chose this song for the outfit: The Clash - London calling


10 commenti:

Eva ha detto...

I love the trenchcoat!
great style!

giuli ha detto...

Thank you Eva!!! :)

ItsMeRoxy ha detto...

That is such a Lovely outfit and I love your blog ..
I'm following you now

giuli ha detto...

Thank you dear! I'm surely going to visit your blog too!!! ;)

Glam Girl ha detto...

I love your outfit, it looks great!

Gloria fait son show ha detto...

I just love your style!

giuli ha detto...

Thank you girls!!!You are so nice!!! :)

Anonimo ha detto...

Love the trench!

-Dyanna Pure

giuli ha detto...

Thanks Dyanna! :)

Asta ha detto...

Love the stripes, they're so chic and versatile! Great choice, complimenti!

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