sabato 27 febbraio 2010


In this period i haven't too much time for posting in the blog...but i will try to do it better!
Today i bring home my new car and i'm so so happy!!! My first car!!!
By the way yesterday i went dancing and having so much fun!!! I looked like this:

The bag is a vintage Gucci, it comes from my grandma and i adore it!
My song today is: My initials bb - Serge Gainsbourg


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G&M ha detto...

nice bag

giuli ha detto...

Thanks! ;)

mariel elisa ha detto...

killer bag. love serge

giuli ha detto...

Thank you mariel elisa!!! :)

Barcelonette ha detto...

love your blue t-shirt! this is a very Versace colour (check my lastest post to know why)!!! thanks for visiting
b. ha detto...

pretty! i love blue with black

giuli ha detto...

Thank you! :)

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